About Us

Total Motion 360 is a lifestyle/wellness brand that was conceived from the idea that looking fit is not necessarily being fit.

Functional, “real life” fitness can be achieved through simple, yet innovative moves with the TM360 System.

Our team is purpose-driven, and that drive carries over into our culture, our products, and our lives. We want to bring that to you through our brand.



The lifeblood of the TM360 brand. Tom’s commitment to achieving optimal health & wellness is at the foundation of this innovation. His life’s adventure began in his 20's. While most are filled with optimism and energy, Tom’s was plagued by emotional pain, alcohol abuse, incarceration, divorce, and bankruptcy. He did not let this deter his dreams.While working a minimum-wage cleaning job in an aviation hangar, Tom had the dream of becoming a pilot. He was told someone like him had no business in the cockpit of a jet. That was all the motivation Tom needed, and he now flies all over the globe.

As he works to become the 15th American to complete one of the world’s most coveted achievements: the Adventurers’ Grand Slam.His functional and balanced training, which fueled his creation of the TM360 System, has him set to climb the 7th and final Grand Slam Summit and reach his goal. Whether it is climbing a summit, flying a jet, cooking for his family, or working out with the TM360 System , Tom is always living Life In Motion.

The TM360 Team