Total Motion 360 is a Lifestyle Wellness Brand that was conceived with the idea that looking fit is not necessarily being fit. Functional “real life” fitness can be achieved through simple, yet innovative moves using the TM360 System…where torque meets linear, twisting meets push/pull. Our powerbar and base is your accountability partner as you navigate through each move. Every exercise is created with a focus on strength, balance, and form/posture. We believe that everything starts with a strong core, and we build upon this philosophy.

Functional is the new buzzword in fitness today. TM360 combines functional with traditional to create fun and innovative workouts. Fitness today is veering away from the traditional strength training model where the focus is building strength in one muscle group at a time. Functional training promotes greater muscle memory, flexibility, coordination and balance for easier mobility in everyday life. Our motto is simple…Life In Motion

Gone is the need for multiple pieces of equipment to achieve a full body workout. Our system uses one powerbar and base to achieve all your fitness goals.

The pandemic this year has forever changed how we think about the fitness space. No one could have ever imagined that gyms would close and be closed for as long as they were. This void left all of us to find creative ways to stay fit. The versatility of the Total Motion 360 PowerBar shows no boundaries. The bar is perfect for the at-home gym, the office, on the go, wherever you can image working out. Our 6’ steel bar comes apart for greater portability for travel and storage. It can also stand in the base in the corner of a room for space saving capability. The future of fitness lies in digital technology, smart home technology, virtual reality, flexibility and convenience. Gyms will always be a part of our community regardless of the changes the pandemic has brought forth. Total Motion 360 has created a product that fits into all these categories. We will meet all of your expectations and more!




The Total Motion 360 brand is shaped by our Founder's commitment to achieving optimal health and wellness. Charged by his deep desire to conquer physical and mental barriers, Tom embraces the gift of life to the fullest. He believes that, without health, we have nothing. 

Whether it is climbing one of the world's seven summits, flying a jet, cooking in the kitchen, or working out with his TM360 PowerBar, Tom moves with purpose. It is with this philosophy that he created Total Motion 360. Tom has combined advanced functionality with traditional training at a level not seen before...with engaging, innovative workouts that promote balance, strength, and form.

Tom's life adventure began in his 20s when he should have felt optimistic and energized. Instead, he was plagued with emotional pain, drinking, jail time, drifting apart from his high school sweetheart, divorce, and bankruptcy. But everything changed when he began living a purpose-driven life.

When Tom was 28, he was cleaning corporate jets and helicopters. Now, he's flying them.

Tom plotted his career in aviation while working minimum wage in a Connecticut hangar. Longing for the alluring lifestyle of the pilots he saw each day, Tom asked my boss how I might become one. His boss scoffed. According to him, a degreeless man nearing 30 had no business in the cockpit of a jet aircraft.

But hey, no hard feelings. He told Tom he couldn’t and that’s why he did.

Tom has earned his wings, but the adventure continues. Soon, he will be one of only fifteen Americans to complete the world’s most coveted adventure achievement: the Adventurers’ Grand Slam.

While conquering six of the Grand Slams’ seven summits, Tom sought functional and balanced training that would simultaneously engage multiple muscle groups and improve strength, balance, and form. He discovered a workout combining an Olympic bar pivoting one end in the center of a 45 lb plate to create movement he had never done before. Tom realized he had an idea for a product that would be innovative, portable, and something not seen anywhere. 

After intense research and development, wellness brand Total Motion 360 is raising the bar on fitness regimens with the incredibly functional tool, TM360. 

The entire Total Motion 360 community invites you to embark on a transformative fitness journey that will leave you energized to reach new heights. Harness your power with TM360. 



Rhonda Fabbri has been a part of the early beginnings of Total Motion 360. As a supportive and productive Co-founder and CEO of TM360, She has contributed efforts to help create and encourage growth within the brand. Rhonda has been an integral part of the product development from concept and design to working prototype to production, alongside Tom. She also writes and edits much of the content for the TM360 brand. Through her immense contributions, Rhonda has helped manage, organize, and enhance the brand from every angle.



Sara Ford is a partner and athlete with Total Motion 360. She joined our team in the Spring of 2020 during the recent pandemic when all gyms were closed. She started as a fitness model and social media influencer for the brand. Through her intuitive nature and creative flair, she quickly progressed into our project and as a social media manager. Her most recent projects have included coordinating and participating in product photo shoots and video content productions, planning strategy for our media platforms, and content creator for our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.