About Us

About Us

Total Motion 360 is a Lifestyle Wellness Brand that was conceived with the idea that looking fit is not necessarily being fit. Functional “real life” fitness can be achieved through simple, yet innovative moves using the TM360 System. This is where torque meets linear and twisting meets push/pull. Our powerbar and base is your accountability partner as you navigate through each move. Every exercise is created with a focus on strength, balance, and form/posture. We believe that everything starts with a strong core, and we build upon this philosophy.

Functional is the new buzzword in fitness. Total Motion 360 combines functional moves along with traditional exercise to create fun and creative workouts. The idea of being fit today has changed from the traditional strength training model where the focus is building strength in one muscle group at a time to a training model that promotes greater muscle memory, flexibility, coordination and balance for easier mobility in everyday life. Our motto is simple – Life In Motion.

An important lesson we all learned with the recent pandemic is that our health is of the utmost importance. In a lot of instances, we had to find creative ways to stay fit. Total Motion 360 fills that limitless possibility to have a personal gym for at-home, in the office, on the go, at the park/beach…wherever you can imagine working out. Our 6’ steel bar comes apart for greater portability for travel and storage. It can also stand in the base in the corner of a room for space saving capability. The future of fitness lies in digital technology, smart home technology, virtual reality, flexibility and convenience. Total Motion 360 has created a product that fits into all these categories for today and the future to come. We will meet all of your expectations and more!

Our Story

Tom Fabbri is the Founder and CEO of Total Motion 360. He is a health and wellness expert, author, world class adventurer, jet/helicopter pilot, award winning athlete, classically trained chef, inspirational speaker, personal trainer, and inventor. Some call him the “Life Wrangler”. Tom’s story begins in 2009 where he took on one of the biggest challenges of his life…climbing a 14,411’ mountain in Seattle, WA. . Although he had never done anything of this magnitude before, he felt confident he could easily meet the challenge…after all, he was in great physical condition…or so he thought. For most of Tom’s life, he has been in the gym working to attain the best physical condition he could. He even participated in competitive natural bodybuilding through the years, winning the title of Mr. Natural Universe in 2010 at the age of 52.

On that first climb to the summit of Mt. Rainier, however, he realized that he was not in the kind of physical condition he needed to be in. Looking fit does not mean you ARE fit. He made it to the top of the mountain, but vowed to change his philosophy on training. He also made another decision…to take on the Seven Summits…climbing the highest peak on each of the Seven Continents. In order to take on this challenge, he knew he would have to change what he was doing in the gym. One day while training, he had an idea to place one end of an Olympic bar into the center hole of a 45llb plate on the floor. The pivoting motion of the bar resulted in a different kind of workout. He had never seen this done before. In doing research, Tom discovered that this style of training is Landmine. He imagined the possibility of creating a product similar but better for home use…thus Total Motion 360 was born.

Taking an idea in your head and creating a workable product takes time, money, and lots of determination…but Tom persevered with his dream. From the early renderings of the bar and base to the final approved design to working prototype, the journey to realize this fitness product has been similar to climbing a mountain. In preparation to climb the highest peaks around the world, it takes planning, training, money, and execution. There are struggles and roadblocks and lessons learned along the way. To date, Tom has successfully summited six of the Seven Summits. Everest is next to be conquered with even more adventures beyond that. Tom’s passion for health and wellness and living one’s dreams is what drives him in all that he does.

Follow his adventures at www.tomfabbri.com or @lifewrangler.