Tom Fabbri is the founder and creator of Total Motion 360, a true fitness product and system that is authentically an all-in-one gym. Tom is a world class extreme adventurer who has summited six of the Seven Summits, a jet/helicopter pilot, a two-time health and wellness author, a graduate of the culinary arts, a motivational speaker, a natural bodybuilding champion, and an inventor.

Tom’s passion for optimal health and wellness has been part of all the successes he has accomplished in his life. He believes that without health, we have nothing. Whether it is climbing a mountain or flying a jet, cooking in the kitchen, or working out with his TM360 PowerBar, Tom takes seriously the gift of life we have been given. It is with this philosophy that he created Total Motion 360. He has combined functional training and traditional training to a level not seen before...with fun, creative workouts that promote balance, strength, and form.


Co-Founder & Content Editor

Rhonda Fabbri has been a part of the early beginnings of Total Motion 360. She has been an integral part of the product development from concept and design to working prototype to production. She also writes and edits some of the content for the TM360 brand.



Sara Ford is a partner and athlete with Total Motion 360. She joined our team in the Spring of 2020 during the recent pandemic when all gyms were closed. Her role started as a fitness model and social media influencer for the TM360 brand.  Through her intuitive nature and creative flair, she quickly progressed into our project and social media manager. Her most recent projects have included coordinating and participating in product photo shoots and video content productions, planning strategy for our social media platforms, and content creator for our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.



Brandon Remy is our Health and Performance Director with eight years of experience in the fitness industry. His purpose is to direct and assist in the development of health and performance programs for the general public and competitive athletes. His training method includes blending various training styles to create a true functional exercise routine. His areas of enhancement include movement, mindset, sleep, and nutrition. He combines the best of traditional training (bodybuilding, powerlifting, Yoga) with the best of modern training (functional patterns, Weck Method, Animal Flow).

He trains combat athletes such as MMA, BJJ, wrestlers, boxers, as well as the average individual who wants to build functional strength and mobility. Brandon is a certified NSCA-CPT and Holistic Lifestyle Specialist.